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San Fermín

San Fermín, is a festival that takes place every year in Navarra (Spain), a festival where bulls are the protagonists and people run.

A party where all the things that happen at parties take place: joy, alcohol, music and many other things. There is also attraction and sex, but that is inevitable in all places where people gather for these events. What does not have to happen neither in this party nor in any other party is to force another person to do something she does not want, because it is something that sometimes some characters do not understand.

This is not a party thing but a few characters, because it does not matter if they are partying or have been drinking, these people do these things because they already wanted to do it and in these events, they believe that it is a perfect place for their actions.

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Cube Head? What would the human being look like?

Nature itself creates rounded shapes even on rocks. As we reduce the size, elements with sharp edges are formed in rigid elements that allow this structure.

In spite of this, organic and less rigid elements tend to “round up” their structure. It is a way to reach a minimum energy state. In this way the human being is rare that has edges or straight elements.

Bones have rounded shapes even in bones with longer parts such as arms and legs.

What if there were people with straight bones? Or rather with the square head?

It is probably that the brain adapted to the internal structure and there was not a significant change in the intellectual capacity of being human, but what would happen to the outer skin ?. It is likely that the key areas at the corners or edges would suffer great pain when receiving any shock or friction. The rounded structure allows that friction to be applied to more surface and that prevents the applied energy dissipates better unlike a cubic structure where it would concentrate more energy in the key points.


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