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80s, the golden age of music

The 1980s was the golden age of music. Great internationally recognized artists paid off for all tastes.

What are the most remembered for you?

For us some of the most memorable are Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Prince or The Police, among many others. All of them have a characteristic in common, which marked the musical patterns that defined the 80s.

80s, the golden age of music

Madonna was one of the most important figures of this decade, and a perfect start to our review of the path of music. Not only is it called “queen of pop”, but it was the icon of female music of the 80s. It is well known that not all artists managed to get fame during the whole of the decade honored in this post. But she got with her modern and imposing image, innovative music and her strong personality to succeed and be known to this day.

Among other women to mention, Whitney Houston appears. One of the best pop singers of the decade, with her impressive vocal technique and her sweet image, hit hard this time.

With his breakthrough image and his characteristic personality, he managed to be considered the “king of pop” Michael Jackson is another of the figures, which is impossible to forget. Without a doubt, it was and still is a musical phenomenon. He has fans all over the world and made us move the skeleton with different and innovative rhythms. With his groundbreaking image and his characteristic personality, he managed to be considered the “king of pop”, and even today, after his death, he is considered the best artist of all time. Also worth mentioning that with his album “Thriller” published in 1982, holds the record for the best selling record. Surely any of you have a copy or know of someone close who has it.

Undoubtedly, we must name Prince. A versatile artist with charisma. Produced and recorded great albums that we rock until today, such as “1999”, “Kiss” or “I Wanna Be Your Lover”.

The group of Freddie Mercury, you can get to consider the best band in the history of music And although we are talking about the 80, and this group was created in the 70, we can not pass by without mentioning Queen. In these years they had their great splendor. The group of Freddie Mercury, can be considered the best band in the history of music, with such mythical songs as “The Show Must Go On”.

The neighbors of these English, the famous U2, who offered alternative music to the one presented at the time. They began with rock and punk sound, and later they went to electronic pop, getting to load the piles of all the followers. But without forgetting the thousands of political messages that were immersed in their songs; such as “With Or Without You”.

And finally, in our review among the artists of the 80s, are The Police. This band of music that, although it arose at the end of the 70, had its peak in these years, and without previous notice it was dissolved at the end of the decade. The Police, was influenced by the influences of jazz, reggae and rock. He had as vocalist the legendary Sting, and with hits like “So Lonely” and despite the short life of the group was, he sold more than 70 million copies of his albums.

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