Free 3d Goblin Head!

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Male Goblin model.

Fantasy model model with his hair and .

4K skin textures!

High quality on other textures!

Change materials, colors, and textures for creating another model more adapted on your enviroment.

A great variety of tileable maps for the model.

Scaled as a real scene.

Bettween 30000 – 100000 Polygons

On Blender

Render it with GPU or CPU
Blender 2.7 or later version.
Variety of Shaders

Other softwares:

Import model to your favorite software.


Standard materials are used and sss for skin
Tileable maps. Use your own maps if you prefer. Adjustable mesh with UV.
Variety of maps.
Copy Textures on your work´s folder and import model to your scene.
Apply materials and shaders as you wish.


Original format:

Modeled on Zbrush for High Resolution.


Other formats




– Architectural Visualisation: Decorations, Exterior scenes
– Ilustrations: Books, magazines,…
– Personal works.
– VR: Interactive object viewer,…



1 Polymesh with different meshes.

Use low maps for big enviroments. Less memory usage and best results!


Textures format:

TIF (Compression LZW)
JPG low Compression
PNG low compression

Size: Body 8192×8192 (diffuse, normal and displacement)

Ready to render in Blender. All materials and textures are included.
Copy scene and textures on your work´s folder and append model on your scene, and voila!
Scale as a real scene.



We hope you like!

Take a look at all our collection, just click on user name to see complete gallery.


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